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Mental Health and Dementia

Our aim is to provide mental health clinical advice, leadership and support in service change, development and delivery across organisational boundaries.

The Clinical Network contributes to delivering the vision outlined in the NHS Long Term Plan.

Programme delivery is based on:

  • Co-production
  • Tackling the stigma associated with mental health
  • Networking
  • Building relationships
  • Programme and project management
  • Clinical leads developing ‘at scale’ projects
  • Learning and sharing – nationally, regionally, and locally
  • Enabling and supporting our stakeholders.

Mental illness is experienced by one in four of the population. Society has been largely intolerant and ignorant of a range of conditions commonly experienced by people. Effectively working to remove stigma underpins how the clinical network goes about work across the wide variety of projects it leads and supports.

Co-production is essential in delivering effective programmes of work. It aims to provide a voice to those who are involved in the services being developed. We have always endeavoured to include stakeholders and service user voice in our whole work programme. However, we also know there is more to be done. Service users and carers are equal partners in this process and are always seeking new ways to increase delivery of co-produced solutions for better patient care.