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Dr Rahul Nayar

Diabetes Network Lead

Dr Rahul Nayar is a Consultant and Clinical Lead for Diabetes and Endocrinology at South Tyneside & Sunderland NHS FT.

Specialist interest within diabetes includes Pregnancy, Renal disease and Diabetic Foot disease. His roles within NHS England include being the Clinical Network lead for Diabetes (secondary care) for the Northern Region, and Chair of the regional diabetes foot care and pregnancy networks. His work as an advocate for technology enabled services within Telehealth includes developing pathways for diabetes care, in particular Gestational Diabetes. He provides advocacy, support and lecturing roles nationally for the South Asian Health Foundation, and Diabetes UK.

His research interests have included; Assay techniques for Apolipoprotiens, Barriers to effective diabetes management in South Asian patients and Lower limb amputations in patients with renal dysfunction. Previous teaching commitments at the University of Newcastle Medical School include undergraduate training and the Wearside lead for Foundation of Clinical Practice.