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Suzanne Thompson

Suzanne is the Network Manager for the Maternity, Children and Families Clinical Network.

Suzanne has spent half her career in the NHS and half in the voluntary and community sector.  She started working in the NHS in 2008 with the Cancer Network supporting the development of a Teenage and Young Adult Cancer Service.  Since then Suzanne has had the opportunity to work in various clinical networks.

She loves the potential of networks to bring different people together around a shared purpose to solve problems, provide peer support peer and facilitate positive change.

In 2019 Suzanne completed an MBA at Durham University where she chose to focus her dissertation on the distinct way that clinical networks contribute to organisational change.

Suzanne is a qualified coach with the NHS North East and Yorkshire Leadership Academy.  She is and improvement practitioner, trained in Virginia Mason Production System, with a particular interest in both the research and practice of managing and leading people through change.